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An ethical, safe and simple way for animal breeding



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2022-08-17 - 2022-08-21

The owner of Vegas skafferi is an entrepreneur within the vegan society and runs an all-vegan store in Norrköping, one of only four all-vegan stores in Sweden. This is a growing market due to the awareness of climate change and how badly animals are treated in many places. It’s important to care about animals and their wellbeing, but also to prevent rogue breeding of animals. 

We often read about illegally imported animals with diseases and defects, and about puppy factories. The owner of Vegas skafferi wants to create a safe way for animal owners to find their pets (or other animals) a partner. Today it can be difficult to know if an animal has a chip number or any other identification paper that can secure that the animal and owner belong to each other. 

Almost every animal has their own “club”, where you can find partners for your pet. However, that often ends up being very complicated and sometimes expensive. Other sites like Blocket can be used, but these sites cannot guarantee it is the proper owner you get in contact with nor that the animal is healthy and should be used for breeding. 


So, if you are interested in animal breeding, there is no easy and safe way to find partners for your pet/animal. How can you create one safe, ethical and simple breeding system/place/way for professional breeders and "ordinary" pet owners to find and choose partners for their animals and - simultaneously- ensure it has economic viability?