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Use Staga’s machine park to find new markets and products



Application period

2022-10-23 - 2023-01-15

Staga Sweden is a company based in Linköping that works with product development and manufacturing. Current solutions developed by Staga comprise temporary license plates, waterproofing systems in bathrooms or tray tables found in trains. Other applications can be the base material for carrying handles in the cat litter box available at ICA or pillowcases to splash guards in distribution cabinets. Staga Sweden strives to solve its customers' problems with the help of a product.


The company has existed since 2009 and has grown to today's approximately 25 employees. To meet the needs of its customers, the company has invested in machines. It now has a machine park consisting of rolling and punch machines, sheeting and sewing machines, vacuum formers and some home-constructed devices. With new customers come new projects and thus new machines, meaning that the use of previously invested machines becomes relatively low. There should be room to fill our machines with more products for the Scandinavian market. The company also has a broad knowledge of materials.

Today the future is uncertain: the Covid19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and a new recession are just waiting around the corner. At the same time, we as humans must think more about the climate by buying our goods locally, reducing emissions and transport costs, and ensuring that the products are produced sustainably.


The challenge is - with the help of Staga Sweden's existing machine park – to find potential new markets and products that Staga can grow within. The company offers a "crash course" in their existing material streams (e.g. non-woven, paper, plastic, rubber) as well as their various production techniques (e.g. extrusion, punching, sheeting). Help the company find an exciting solution to its challenge. Let the imagination flow.