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Smart ways of onboarding consultants



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2022-04-15 - 2022-08-21

Siemens is a major exporter of efficient, future-ready gas turbines, worldwide, local supplier and service provider of mainly steam turbines, heat pumps, switchgear, transformers, automatic and drives solutions for the Swedish industry. With 3 200 employees, trainees and temporary staff Siemens is the largest private employer in Finspång and Norrköping and are the second largest private employer in Östergötland.

Siemens Energy AB has a clear flex strategy to handle the fluctuations in workload. App. 20% of staff working for the company are not employed directly by the company but instead, temporary labor/ contractors hired on a consulting basis. Many contractors are in for a longer period of time, other shorter and recurring periods. Coming as a new contractor to a relatively large workplace is a challenge. There is a lot of information to absorb and relate to, not least with a bearing on security but also to understand organization, interfaces etc.

Siemens wants to find tools that make it easier for both new employees and new consultants to quickly and easily understand the business; how the company works organizationally, its departments, its security routines etc. Siemens is looking for a solution that makes it easier for the new employee and at the same time can relieve regular staff, who sometimes have to spend a lot of time informing and guiding their new colleagues.

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