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A tool that facilitates Reijmyre Glasworks' modernisation and digitisation



Application period

2023-04-23 - 2023-08-17

Reijmyre Glassworks produce high-quality crystal glassware. The company was founded in 1810, and all our products are still handmade in the same place in Rejmyre, Sweden. Nowadays, we also have a sales and business development office in Stockholm. We have our own assortment of products but also offer contract manufacturing.


We are mainly supplying our products B2B. Our mission is to provide the market with handmade, well-designed, long-lasting utility products manufactured resource-efficiently concerning high workplace safety standards and environmental protection. Our customers demand high consistency and value short lead times and flexible and smooth processes.


We are modernising and digitising our operation to increase production efficiency while adapting to new market conditions and targeting new customers. At the same time, we need to attract, educate and take care of the next generation of glassblowers to preserve the local traditional craft of glass manufacturing. Our value proposition towards our customers relies on operational safety and reliability of supply. We are looking for a tool to connect our present business systems and operational routines to facilitate communication between our different teams. There are many ways of communication which can be improved and optimised. The solution can address different use cases and be a concept, a protocol or a technical solution, depending on your findings!


Note! You must apply for the inGenious course at or before applying for any of our projects. Only students admitted to the course will be assigned to one of our projects. Applicants to the inGenious course will, after the application period has ended, receive a "welcome email" with instructions on how to wish for projects.