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Empowering Farmers with Sustainable Energy Solutions



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2023-04-23 - 2023-08-17

Lovang Lantbrukskonsult AB is an advisory service for farmers. Our area of expertise is primarily crop production but also energy conversion/production and environmental issues. We also work with economic analysis, evaluation of crop production and advice on investments. Our clients are primarily farmers in Östergötland, but we also work in other parts of Sweden. We are 13 advisors, and the office is in Vikingstad, not far from Linköping University. 

The importance of energy has increased due to environmental challenges such as global warming and climate change. However, recent events such as the Russian aggression have also highlighted the vulnerability issues. This development affects society as a whole and Swedish agriculture in particular. Although the environmental profile of Swedish agriculture is strong, it relies on energy imports for fuel and fertilizers that to a large extent is gas dependent.  

We at Lovangruppen are interested in finding sustainable energy solutions in collaboration with some of our clients. The goal is to find different solutions to become energy independent at farm level. Sweden is a large country, and the large acreage has in itself a big potential for various energy solutions. So, how can an individual farmer become self-sufficient in energy while considering the financial aspect? We are looking for a solution that can benefit our farmers and, at the same time, lead to new business opportunities. Ultimately, this challenge offers a chance to make a meaningful contribution towards a more sustainable future for the Swedish agricultural industry.