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How can we make companies more sustainable by using Tiklo?



Application period

2023-04-23 - 2023-08-17

Tiklo is a (technological) tool for smart operations that businesses can use to improve their operational efficiency, but it can also be used in many other ways. Behind this tool is Redapes, a startup company that just has begun its journey. Today Tiklo is used by one customer only, a big retail company with over 100 department stores. They use it for organizing and structuring their daily work, which has been a success story. However, Tiklo has the potential to be developed further and be an even greater tool for companies in the future. 


Redapes wants to gain knowledge of how Tiklo can be used to further the sustainable impact for companies’ internal organizational purposes, but also for external perspectives (social, economic, and ecological). Redapes is also looking to expand the areas of use and adapt to already existing operations. 


This challenge is an opportunity for you to help companies to solve their problems, develop creative skills and learn how technology can be used for sustainable impact. We hope you want to explore Tiklo and come up with solutions that can generate a positive effect of great difference in the world!


Note! You must apply for the inGenious course at or before applying for any of our projects. Only students admitted to the course will be assigned to one of our projects. Applicants to the inGenious course will, after the application period has ended, receive a "welcome email" with instructions on how to wish for projects.