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Workers of the Future


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2024-06-01 - 2024-08-31

PACE Competence AB has extensive experience in contributing to cross-border solutions regarding skills provision by organizing, marketing, and conducting training programs. Not only independently but also by acting as a catalyst in development processes. PACE has also undertaken efforts to encourage young people to pursue education and future jobs, primarily in information technology. 


The manufacturing industry faces significant challenges in securing a skilled workforce. There is a notable shortage of workers capable of filling various professional roles within this sector. Existing "Yrkeshögskola" programs are insufficient, struggling with low enrollment and high dropout rates. Collaboration with local industries in Östergötland and Örebro counties aims to improve and innovate the design and marketing of these educational programs. Historically, institutions like the PACE Competences AB played a crucial role in industrial development by providing tailored training to meet the specific need of competencences expressed by the local actors within the sector.


How can we utilize a physical space to inspire and motivate individuals to pursue further education or careers in the manufacturing industry? What will the future professional roles in the industry look like, and how can a physical space serve as an effective tool or hub in the processes of education and skills development?