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What does the future of projects look like?



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2022-04-22 - 2022-08-21

Digitization is a growing area with a great demand for skills and a high tempo, with parallel projects and cross-functional teams. Many new people are being recruited to this area, and although there is often a goal of gender equality in companies, the majority of them are male-dominated.

This also applies to Combitech, a consulting company in digitization with people in focus. Combitech’ s motto is "technology with a purpose", which stands for how we actively work with sustainability issues with the goal of becoming a market leader in sustainability both socially and environmentally by making active choices in our course of work.

The consulting business often means working in several projects at the same time, with several parameters determining how successful a project is, both regarding workload, cost and from an environmental perspective. As part of our work, we want to improve how we plan our projects, to ensure that what we do follows the Combitech vision for sustainability.

We are looking for a project planning tool, focused on sustainability issues, not just environmentally, but socially. We want to offer a way to ensure equality, a fair workload, and sustainable technology in our projects, in line with Combitech’ s core values.

The solution might be a concept that addresses and assess important parameters in a successful project, or it might be a more technical solution – that is up to you. Regardless, we believe that the ability to make good decisions early in the project lead to positive results, both for the company, its employees and in the form of sustainable products, and we look forward to hearing about your solution.

To work on one of our exciting projects, you must first apply and be admitted to the inGenious course via