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Which applications can be used with Ligna's sustainable energy storage?



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2022-07-25 - 2022-08-21

Ligna Energy is a green tech startup company which is developing groundbreaking energy storage technology and products. This in order to meet the need for a shift toward sustainable and fossil-free energy sources. Our technology is made from forest residues, carbon and organic polymers in combination with a water-based electrolyte. In addition, the solution is using known manufacturing methods which enables product launch and scale-up in only a few years. Ligna is currently focusing on the S-power product, adapted to power IoT nodes and displays.

Our first product, the S-Power, is environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, thin, flexible, and disposable.  It has excellent cycling and power capabilities which makes it well suited for applications demanding repeated rapid discharging- and charging. So far, we’ve primarily tested the component in applications where it’s powering sensors and displays in wireless IoT-units.

In most cases, this means that energy is harvested (e.g from light, vibrations, heat or radio waves) and is charging our storage component. This means maintenance-free powering system and no need for nasty primary batteries. Another possibility is for the storage to be placed in an application where the energy storage is drained and then disposed. 

We want you to explore applications where as many as possible of our products selling points are relevant and its drawbacks minimized. And to select one where the application and solution is more detailed.