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How to make empty premises visible



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2023-04-23 - 2023-08-17

Sankt Kors is a municipality-owned company that builds and develops properties in Linköping for new companies and companies in change. The company forms an important part of the municipality’s investment in the development of business, and the company’s mission is to create and provide business environments that stimulate development and growth. Sankt Kors operates its business on a commercial basis and finances it exclusively with revenue from rents.


Sometimes, we feel like it’s challenging to make our empty premises visible, both office hotels, coworking and office premises. Our cluster environments have different orientations that we would like to highlight more clearly in order not to get the “wrong” stakeholders to our environments. At the same time, we want to show more clearly the available empty premises to increase the number of interested parties. We are already trying today to visualize the USPs with each area.


We want help to find new angles and suggestions on how the visualization of empty premises can be done. Both physically at the premises, but also digitally. Are there some ways we’ve missed? How do we reach out in a better way to those looking for premises? Both indoors and outdoors.

This challenge also involves getting the right stakeholders into the right environments. How do we highlight the USPs for our areas in a better way? Can we design the communication in a way that makes it clearer? How do we create an area outside the middle of the city centre that still feel central?