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A sustainable healthcare centre on Costa del Sol



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2022-04-14 - 2022-08-21

The professional staffing company IDoc, based in Norrköping, was founded and run by their healthcare staff. Since 2013, IDoc has manned the Swedish healthcare sector with licensed staff. The company wants to start a healthcare business on the Costa del Sol in Spain, to meet the growing need for healthcare among tourists and senior Scandinavian citizens who live in the country for the whole or part of the year. If they become ill abroad, these patient groups may have difficulty knowing where to turn. If you are older, you also may have trouble expressing yourself in English or the host country's language. Idoc wants to find a solution that benefits both the patients and the healthcare sector in Sweden.

IDoc has a strong customer focus. The company wants to offer a comprehensive health services chain, from the first meeting to treatment and follow-up. What needs may exist, and how can the business be designed to meet those needs? IDoc also focuses on environmental issues, which must be integrated into the business. How do you design a healthcare business where the sustainability perspective is an important part? Here you have the opportunity to find a solution to one or more of the challenges that IDoc faces - What does a sustainable healthcare centre of the future look like? 

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