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Sustainable Construction


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2024-06-01 - 2024-08-31


Wallsnäs gård AB specializes in forestry, agriculture, and renting out houses on their farm. The company, founded in 1975 and located in Nykil, Östergötland, Sweden, is actively involved in mixed farming practices. In addition to traditional farming activities, Wallsnäs gård AB manages forestry operations and provides rental housing on their property. The farm is known for its efforts to diversify and innovate within the agricultural sector to maintain profitability and sustainability​


Many farms in Sweden have become too small to remain profitable, resulting in numerous unused buildings. These structures represent untapped potential for innovative uses that could support both the local economy and sustainable farming practices. Some farms have repurposed their buildings for caravan parking or storage, but Wallsnäs gård AB is keen on exploring more diverse and creative solutions. They are looking for ideas that can transform these empty spaces into productive assets, fostering community engagement and economic growth. What innovative and sustainable solutions can be proposed to maximize the use of these empty barn buildings?


Ensuring the economic viability of any proposed use is crucial, as it must be economically sustainable and contribute to the farm’s profitability. Developing solutions that benefit the local community by offering services or products that meet local needs is equally important. Incorporating environmentally friendly practices in repurposing the buildings is essential for sustainability. Additionally, finding flexible uses that can adapt to changing needs and circumstances over time will ensure long-term relevance and utility.

We invite students and innovators to submit their ideas and proposals for how these empty barn buildings can be transformed. Whether it’s creating new business ventures, community spaces, or sustainable projects, we welcome all creative suggestions that can breathe new life into these structures and support the long-term success of Wallsnäs gård AB and the surrounding community.